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Illness has happened!

I have been ill this week :( ran my first week 4 run on Saturday and haven't run this week yet.

What are people's advice; go back to the beginning of week 4 or just carry on?

Hoping to get to the gym Saturday aslong as I feel better.

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You should be fine... it takes two weeks to start losing fitness. However, if it’s a virus that you’ve had you may be lacking energy even after the symptoms go as your immune system is still finishing it off. Go nice and gently on the comeback run, and don’t go into it with any expectations... if you complete it that’s great... if not, you had a run and you’re back stronger for the next time.

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Sorry for your illness this week Run1234run, if you are not off running too long for example less than two weeks there is no reason to go back to week 4 run 1, just continue with run 2 of week 4..


Hi Run1234Run, I had a similar problem around weeks 3-4 when I had the dreaded ‘man flu’!! I was probably being over cautious but I went back to the beginning of the week. I did feel like I had a bit more left in the tank so I just added another run period on the end!


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