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Hate running...can’t breathe


So... as a mum to my first born of nearly 10 months and having to get into a bridesmaid dress in a months time (that currently doesn’t fit) my fiancé (who runs 5-10k every day) suggested I start C25K! Now... I play netball once a week but I hate running, I was the girl that hid during cross country with the kids that smoked just so I didn’t have to do it!

I have just completed my first run and I really struggled with getting my breathing right. I found that I was walking slower than I should have in the 90 seconds brisk walking time because I couldn’t regulate my breathing.

I am determined not to give up though! We are away this weekend and are taking our running gear with us to get runs 2 and 3 done for this week!

I hope it gets easier and more enjoyable!

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Great job starting... slow right down... your conversational pace run and a brisk walk are likely almost the same pace right now, but that will change with fitness. Run one nearly killed me, learning to run slower really helped me to graduation and it’s more fun... win-win! Enjoy your next run.

Thank you! I’ll try slow it down a bit on Saturday... having to have 2 days off as travelling Friday! 🤞🏻 it gets easier for me! X

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It gets easier to run... the plan keeps it challenging by lengthening the runs... but you’ll be ready for each one, no doubt about it.


Th8nk you find it will get easier, I am asthmatic and have found that once I get the first 5 minutes running under my belt then my breathing stabilises and doesn’t get worse, even for longer runs of 28 mins, which is where I am now. I have found telling myself to relax, and drop my shoulders really helps. Keep going you can do this and it’s so worthwhile, you will feel amazing when you get fitter. Oh and don’t forget embrace your inner snail, there’s no such thing as too slow😉


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

This is about slow build up of stamina, so follow the advice in the guide about pace.

You might need to alter your mental approach.......... nobody is going to persist with something they hate.........slowing down will help considerably, but a positive attitude towards the running will make it far more likely that you will make the distance.

Relax and enjoy your journey.


Slow right down. And then slow some more. Slow is good! 🐢🐢

Well done for starting Henrys mum!

Slow and steady is the way to enjoy this. Don't worry about being puffed out, your breathing will become easier as you progress further. Trust the program and know that each run session you do is building you up for the next...

Good luck !😊

You may want to change your username to Henry'smum is going to run! 😉x


Hi Henry’s mum, like everyone says slow as you need. I found a little technique that helps me is to breath in through my nose and out through my mouth taking daily deep breaths when you breath in put your tongue to the roof of your mouth. That stops you panting and makes you breath correctly. Harder if you’re talking to someone though. Anyway that works for me but you’ll need a lipsalve or you won’t look so glamorous in that bridesmaid dress good luck


Breathing sorts itself out once you get through the 5-8 minute runs.

Thanks everyone for the advice! My back is a bit achy this morning but other than that I feel ok. (I obviously didn’t work hard enough hahaa)

Next run is on Saturday, so I’ll post on how it went after! Xx

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