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W4 R1 - WOW

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That was a killer towards the end! My pace on the last five minutes was barely above walking pace and a struggle uphill! Really finding the mental aspect of the last runs hard, especially as no matter what route I take they always fall on an uphill! Keep telling myself that 60 seconds felt as hard as these longer runs in that first week. I’m determined to make it to week 6 but how do you guys keep motivated enough to a) get out there in the first place and b) keep going when you hit a wall?

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Whenever I’ve struggled I’ve come on here and begged for help, and someone always comes up with the right thing. My original motivation was to show my kids that it was possible to change a lifetime of bad habits and stick with healthy choices, and that still applies; now I’m also getting to understand and respect my body too. I’m asking things of it that I never believed it could do and it’s coming right back and never letting me down. The excitement of seeing what we can manage together is completely addictive. Everyone who keeps going finds their own reason or reasons, and so will you x

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Pippy_TGraduate in reply to ButtercupKid

Ah that made me a bit emotional! You’re righty, I need to trust my body to not let me down and not listen to my head!

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ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to Pippy_T

Oh, the Voices ! I get them at the start of every run, but if you ignore them they do go away - until the next time !

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Very well done! One of the skills you need to motivate you is already evident, you’re willing to tough it out and get to that finish. I have a need to meet my goals, so there’s nothing that is going to stop me getting out there (maybe ice will) so far. I have short, medium and long term goals and love to train towards them.

If I hit a wall, then that run becomes my primary goal and I’d work out how to beat it, wether breaking it with walking or repetitive attempts at it with a refusal to not advance with each attempt.

I also come on here and read about everyone else’s inspiring journeys... that helps a lot.

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Pippy_TGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you 😊 this community is amazing, I didn’t realise just how useful it would become. Maybe I need to set some short term goals/some treats to help me push towards the end of each week. Thanks again!

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Hi Pippy_T ...well done on getting so far, you're doing so well!!! Firstly, my motivation for getting out there is remembering how good it feels when I've completed a run...and just generally being outdoors, that is good for the soul...and if I feel myself flagging a bit, I start either setting goals for myself, like running to the next lamppost...or, when I was doing the c25k programme, I made up a number plate game....so the last 3 letters on a number plate I would make up positive words about running, so I still play that game too....what you're doing when your out there is such a fantastic thing and also, who knows who else you're inspiring to get some trainers on and find the benefit of running...keep going, you are nearly half way there....and when you do get to week 9, you'll be amazed...and so proud x

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Pippy_TGraduate in reply to Mummycav

Thank you so much, love the idea of little games and focusing on number plates! Going to give that a go... I listen to podcasts but even they can’t distract me once that gremlin gets on my shoulder telling me to stop!

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MummycavModerator in reply to Pippy_T

I know what you mean and when you run alone like me, it's so easy just to stop so you do need some.motivation to keep going...you're doing so well so don't let those gremlins win x

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