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W2R1 update and lessons learned


Well, I've just completed W2R1, much to my surprise as I was NOT up for it tonight. However, I'm glad it's done.

Todays lessons learned are:

- In order to combat aching feet I went and bought a nice comfy, cushioned (and cheap) pair of trainers from a big brand sports store. After 2 days of walking plus a park run in these, I developed a very sore right achilles

- Went to a PROPER running shop and they tested my gait... right leg fine, left leg over-pronation. Sold me nice supportive shoes. Walked to work today - no further pain in achilles. Threw away soft comfy trainers

- Realised I'm walking too hard and too far on rest days... meaning I started out with nasty aches before even beginning

- I thought the first run would never end!

- The next 5 runs went by with no worsening of discomfort (in fact it eased off as I ran) and the last run didn't feel so long at all

So there we are... all the same lessons that people before me have learned. :)

I AM finishing this programme and, therefore, I'm going to ease off a bit and make sure I keep myself fit for the runs

Good luck and best wishes everyone - what an amazing voyage of discovery we are on. :)

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Well done and good lessons learned! I think that's it, pace yourself because you are going to see it through to the end. It's not a race (yet!).

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