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Consolidation & Reflection

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Another consolidation run completed today and yesterday I got presented with a Zero to Hero certificate at work for my C25K effort 😊 Knee still a bit sore but I find it eases as I get into a run and the arthritic stiffness wears off so all good.

Reflecting on my journey whilst running today ... who knew you could run, breathe and think all at the same time!!!

I was never given a chance at anything physical at school. All girls grammar school who only wanted winners and ignored everyone else. Such a shame because I liked hockey, tennis and cross country but never got a real chance to pursue any of them 🤨

Well who cares because I am so glad I motivated myself to follow the C25K programme. I really do love the feeling you get after a run and I just feel better about life in general. Frustrating that at the moment I am not losing any weight but that’s down to trying to sort out the thyroid problem. It will happen.

Can’t recommend this programme enough! If I can do it at 53 and overweight anyone can. Just go at your pace and don’t give up, it’s so worth it. I feel fab😁keep on running folks 🏃‍♀️

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Yayyyy well done, how lovely for work to recognise your success. Happy running 🏃‍♀️

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Well done! Don’t worry too much at this point about the weight loss - it will come - at the moment you are gaining strength and stamina and building muscle. The muscle building will really pay off once the thyroid problem starts getting sorted. As you say the health benefits from getting fitter and just feeling better are worth it. And I speak as a fellow 53 yo with some weight to lose! So glad your work has recognised your amazing achievement. Double well done!

Fantastic !!!!well done you :-)

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Congratulations Dixie65, that is a lovely certificate, Zero to Hero they gave you, you certainly are a hero. Its just a pity that those kind of award certificates can't be sent out to everyone who has graduated from C25K 🎓. That would be far too expensive to do. 😊 Once again well done.

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What a fabulous certificate, and you deserve it!

What a lovely way to celebrate your achievement. So nice that your work recognises your huge effort. You are officially a hero! 💪🥳🦸‍♀️

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