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I even managed a sprint 60 seconds at the end and an extra 4 minutes of running...mainly to get back to where I needed to be for my 5 minute walk to be honest but hey it all counts lol! I did have my usual 'horrid' bit between 5 and 9 minutes but after that my breathing was fine ...just kept my legs going. Happy rest of Monday everybods! :)

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Ooh! Get you! Well done! I have W6R2 scheduled for tomorrow but a work meeting may drag on and I may slip to Wednesday do avoid running when its too dark as I would probably fall over knowing me!


Thanks! I found run 2 of week 6 easier than week 1 if that's any help? I do find the 2 days rest over the weekend help with running on a Monday so it may be the same for you...have a lovely run whenever you go! :)


Thank you! Trying to take it steady to help my shins which have been an issue also in my younger fitter days and I even had a remedial running specialist look at my gait at the time and he said there was nothing wrong with it! Determined to do all I can to get through without pain!


I find stretching before I run as well as after helps as I live with a pretty stiff left side all the time :)


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