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Week 8 Run 2; hip pain!!!

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Last Tuesday was W8 R1, I suffered with a painful hip from the first step but kept going thinking it would work itself out. ( I had new running shoes and thought it might be that) No such luck! I rested from anything with impact (Running, CrossFit) but was able to do Pilates without any problems. I tried again tonight, within the first few minutes I knew I needed to stop. I'm absolutely gutted! Anyone else got this far and had to postpone finishing? Not sure where to go from here.

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We’ve had runners get to the last run and have to wait... the main thing here is not to worry about the next run... rest and monitor... if it doesn’t ease up in the next few days then a trip to the GP of physio is going to be needed. The runs will wait, you’re changing your life here, not preparing for a major race, a little time won’t make a difference.

Thanks for your response. I know it doesn't make sense to continue, just hoping it's temporary and I'll be able to complete the whole challenge. I never thought at my age it would be something I would take up but I'm loving it. I've also coaxed my OH into doing this and it looks like he's going to graduate before me! Not that I'm competitive or anything ;)

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