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Am I impatient?

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Hi, I graduated at the beginning of November and have continued to run 3 times a week since then. I tend to do one 5k and two shorter (between 2 and 4K) runs per week. I seem to have maybe one good run a week and two where I feel I am struggling.

They are always random days/runs.

I just think that I should be feeling better on more of my runs than I do, in order to move on to maybe running faster/further/longer, or just feeling comfortable when I’m out on a run.

2 Replies
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Are you spending 80% of your running at an easy conversational pace, as detailed in the guide to post C25K running?

Any runner can have a hard run by pushing the pace, or an easy run by taking it easy, as long as all other factors, such as restedness, diet, hydration etc. are under control.

There is no magic formula and I can assure you that running can still feel hard after five years.

You graduated two months ago, which in my book, makes you a very new runner. Keep aiming at targets and extending your running in whichever way you want and by keeping an eye on your performance figures you will see improvement, which inevitably means that if you run at a slow pace, you will find it easier than in he past.

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I agree with IannodaTruffe pacing is where the fun is at. I rotate my runs so long (slow) regular (slow) regular (good pace) regular (slow) short (fast) and regular (slow)

The run where I push speed gives me a huge sense of accomplishment, but so does my long and slow one. The regular good pace one allows me to see how the other runs are coming together, and the other slow runs are just amazing... time to think about everything else in life, appreciate my surroundings and really celebrate the fact that I can do this now any time I like.

Varying runs makes each day a little different, and for me is much more enjoyable than running 30 minutes at the same pace every time, so it’s good that it’s also better for my running in the long term.

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