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Don't be Impatient - a cautionary tale

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I just wanted to share something with you.

I am a 47 year old chap who is fairly active but not really done any exercise for 10 years.

I felt it was time I got off my butt and decided to start the C25K programme. For 5 weeks I followed the programme, got fitter and loved every minute of it. By the end of the 5th week I did my first 20 minute run and I felt so proud of myself.

Just after this I felt I could just keep going and after two more days I finished my 5k, since then I have done 7 more. Boy I felt good and after each run I got quicker and quicker.

Last week my run was a hard one and at the end, my left knee hurt and I had the biggest blister on my right foot with the skin ripped off.

I have had to stop running this week because I didn't want to do more damage.

Saturday, I went to get checked out for 'proper' running shoes. The guy in the shop was a diamond. He told me the shoes I had were already suitable for me, so what was the problem?

Well it was me and my eagerness to run a 5k. He told me I had pushed myself too hard and too fast. My body just hadn't adjusted yet to the new pressures I was placing on it.

So now I am going back to week 6 to finish properly.

So with mixed emotions I am giving it another go. Learn from my mistakes. As I have read sooooo many times on this forum. Slow & steady is the way to go.

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Sorry that you've learnt the lesson the hard way! Hope you are soon recovered.

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Hi I understand where you are coming from the temptation to go further is there especially on the third run of the week .I was so tempted this week glad I didn't do it.

On the plus side I know I can physically do the distance. Just have to let my middle aged body get used to the idea. Note to self - you are not 18 anymore☺️

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A very brave and honest post! Welcome back to the programme and good luck!

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You must be a great teacher :-)

Thanks for being humble and sharing your experience.

Just in case anyone reading has still not got the message:


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poppypugGraduate in reply to MarkyD

And so say all of us ! :-) xxx

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MarkyDGraduate in reply to poppypug

And so say all of us!

For he's a jolly good fellow...

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poppypugGraduate in reply to MarkyD

For hes a jolly good felllllooooow

And so say all of us !

Taa - Daa, I'm here all week :-D xxx

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MarkyDGraduate in reply to poppypug

Bed-time for me now Pops. I'll be back to lead the rousing choruses tomorrow ;-)

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poppypugGraduate in reply to MarkyD

I need you in my corner before a race, Mark !

Night Night , sleep well :-) xx

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Hi and thank you so much for posting this , a very cautionary tale and one definitely worth sharing .

Sorry to hear of your injury...

Everydays a school day isn't it. Take what you can from the experience and leave the rest.

Welcome back and I wish you all the very best going forward :-) xxx

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Thanks for the reminder to follow the programme. Out of interest where did you go to get advice on shoes I am thinking of doing that but don't want to be persuaded to spend a fortune on shoes. I have had a hip replacement and am having some very minor pain but think I am just weaker on that side.


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WilsonPP in reply to KimLoulou

I used a local shop in Brighton. The guy refused to sell me new shoes.

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I think the climate is, understandably, so much around "We/You are not doing enough" that it is easy to tip into thinking that more is always better.

I hope your body recovers soon and that you can learn to enjoy the sustainable route. A really useful post, thank you for sharing this experience.

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Your post is timely. We seem to have had a spate of individuals who think they know better than the devisers of the programme and who are willing to exceed the workouts​ or miss rest days.

The two acronyms every new C25K runner needs to know are R.I.C.E, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation to cope with minor aches and pains and the more generalised F.T.D.P..........FOLLOW THE DAMNED PROGRAMME.

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davidhwynnGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

MEA CULPA! I've twice now this week run on after my programme time, essentially because I've been so utterly astonished I felt I could. Having been rightly told off yesterday I'm back to strict programme again. I guess I'm lucky to have got away with it ... quite enjoyed it though!!!!

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to davidhwynn

We have all done it and you get away with it......... until you don't!!!!!

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I graduated C25K end of last April & decided I could walk/run our local 10K the following month... again a learning experience of what "not to do"... I ended up running more than I should, over-did it totally, ended up with one injury after another for the next few months & after such excitement re running, it all fizzled out... this year decided to wait till just before our local 10K to start C25K from the beginning, so that I wouldn't be tempted to sign up again! I've now reached w6r2 & once again love it & am enthusiastic!... lesson learned, nice & easy... there is always the local 10K 2018!

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Yeah we did say 😁

I found out the hard way too, which is why I permanently bang on about it 😁

I hope you are ok now 🙂

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