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Help Running out of time...excuse the pun

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Me and a friend have committed to run 5k around Hyde Park on 26 Jan and have 11 runs to do to finish the Couch to 5k. However with the Xmas break and me being away we only have enough days to do 7 stages of the programme. What should we do? Skip stages or increase our run time so do more than what the challenge says, ie. focus on running 20 mins alternate days to increase stamina? Any guidance much appreciated as we HAVE to do the 5k on 26 Jan. Thanks everyone 🙏

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Don't think you can skip any stage of the program or increase running time as that's just a quick way to being injured maybe not what you wanted but following the program is that way for a reason 😊

Thanks but we have to do the 5k on 26 Jan. Will do all the runs we can and will just have to go for it on the day!

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If you have to do the run it would be wise to accept that you may not run it all....... you won't be the only ones.

Stepping up your running outside the plan is just going to increase your injury risk............. potentially, if injured, preventing you from taking part at all.

Firstly don’t stress. Most 5km events are friendly starter events which means they are used to people being at the beginning of their journey. So even if you have to walk at the end it will be fine. Start that weeks run and do what you can. If you need to walk at the end then it will be ok. Most importantly go and enjoy your event. I personally would not change the plan leading up to,your event at all just go and do the best you can on the day. Good luck.

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You’ve signed up for a fun run... and that’s great. There’s not enough time to complete the plan, that’s ok. So... rushing the plan increases the injury risk hugely... which could mean no run at all. Or, you can go, run some, walk some, run some more and have a great day achieving 5k of exercise and having a lot of fun. I know what I’d be choosing, and you won’t be alone in run/walking it.

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