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Preparing to face my nemesis

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Having completed week 2 on Monday today I am preparing to face week 3, my nemesis.

Having completed the programme quite a few years ago the only week I failed back then was week 3 and here i am preparing to meet it again!!

I remember feeling such a failure and coming home to shower and sitting on the floor of the shower sooo disappointed, don’t think I have ever sat on the floor of the shower before or since!!

Today I will slay this demon, well fingers crossed.

6 Replies
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Good luck... I’m sure you’ve read elsewhere on here that the only fail is when you don’t try. !

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Please don’t think of an uncompleted run as a failure, you ran you won ! Am sure you will ace it this time , just go out there and run without fear, you know you can do it so no problem

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Good luck! You’ve got this!

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I did once sit on the shower floor... exhausting heat in Texas and the AC dies... so I sat in the shower for an hour or so!

Anyways... you’ve beaten week 9 in the past... so week 3 doesn’t have anything you can’t do... think positive, and run slowly.

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We don't use the F word normally..............but seeing as you started it, think in terms of Samuel Beckett's sentiment...... failed? Try again. Fail better

Who knows, with a positive attitude, you may even succeed!!

Have you read the guide to the plan? it is full of tips.

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Thanks guys. It’s done, no f words here today. Thanks for the support x

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