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Not easy to find time

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Hi, just wondering if Im the only one who finds it hard to fit in more than 1 run a week at the moment. Its a combination of having a four year old and 9 month old, my husband working full time and dark evenings. I plan in my head to go but then by the time I do tea, get girls sorted and husband gets home at about 530, its dark! So its just a Saturday/ Sunday run at the moment. Its really hard.

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Another Super is really hard... and running when you are able is often necessary... Dark nights, if you can get out..mean high viz vest... head torch ( if in an unlit safe area) and willpower:)

You are on the right side of the year now.. days are slowly getting longer and lighter...but if you could somewhere pop in a run in the week that would certainly be better, But...if you cannot... then don't worry... with two small ones you will be getting plenty of stamina and strength work in the week :)

Well done for beginning this anyway... and please, keep us posted:)

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Gem2844 I struggle sometimes as I work shifts. It's been a week since my last run and now I've got a cold. 😤😖

I think so long as you're doing something.. Thats what counts. Keep up the good work👍

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It can be difficult... but the light is coming back... sunset is 16:09 here today so should have light until twenty to five and that’s a big difference on a couple of weeks ago.

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