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Hello! W1R1


Hi all

Well, after managing a few BUPA 10ks 8 or so years ago, I've decided to hit the C25K today.

8 years of being couch potato. Eating to much. Becoming a parent twice over. Sitting at a desk 8hrs and 2hrs in a car every day... Prime candidate for heart attack?!?!

So i signed up for 3 Peaks challenge in 6 months time and have decided to run again. Found it scarey how unfit i am! Still it can only get easier.

Just need to find our build good running playlist (Amazon Music). Any suggestions for songs?

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Welcome Chris - you will get tons of support and advice on here and many will tell stories of how successful the plan has been for them. Keep us updated on how you get on.

I can't give any advice on songs... my tastes are, shall we say, eclectic! But I do know that when a great song comes on and you're pumping out endorphins left right and centre, it's a pretty amazing feeling. :)


3 peaks... OMG, that’s a tough day! Hope you have lots of run on it... enjoy your journey back to running.

If you work out your cadence, jog.fm is great for matching song tempos to your rhythm.

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