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Today I started my last week. I was a little bit afraid because when I got to the park, realized that I left my phone at home, so this was the first time I'd run without coaching. But I made it. By the way, I ran for 32 minutes and decided to stop as a discipline (needed those 2 more minutes to get to 4.5 km).

After I complete the program by the end of this week, I plan to spend January and part of February running 30 minutes. Now, my question is: Should I work on my speed (actually it's 7:12 per kilometer) or work on steeper roads? (my park offer that option).

Thanks in advance!

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So close now,well done for getting this far. I would just have a couple of weeks running for fun first, it helps to make running concrete part of your life, fun runs should always be part of your schedule, then personally I would do a bit of both, one will help the other and your running will progress brilliantly with both. You could always do fun run, speed run fun run for a very balanced week. Happy running.

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DominicanoGraduate in reply to Realfoodieclub

Thanks Realfoodieclub for your wise advise.

Lots of running for fun to come! I love C25k!

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