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Done it before, but can I do it again?

So I've successfully completed a couch to 5k once, about 3years ago when I decided to do a Stroke Association 5k run for work. I remember the first few weeks feeling brutal (I'm not a runner and I don't have the mental capacity to keep pushing on my own) but I did it, and the final event was comfortable. I was so proud of myself!!

But, I also failed to even get past week 2 about a year before that so I have a mixed track record.

That said, I'm now signed up to do another 5k for Diabetes UK, with my team in Liverpool on 7th March at a work conference. There is no backing out.

I know I've done it once, but I'm not sure I have the will to push through it again :O Doesn't help that its dark when I finish work and the dog wants to stop and sniff everything.

Starting next week once I've shaken my cold. Any tips on getting started again welcomed. Wish me luck.

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You know what's expected of you as you have run it before, so just go out and do it . Come back and let us know how you're progressing good luck

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I will come to you for all future pep talks! Good stuff :D

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You've done it before, so I know you can do it again. Trust the programme, we know it works. You have an event you're working towards, so keep that in mind when the going gets tough, and if you need to repeat a run, so beit. There is no harm in that, but if you've completed a run, move on to the next. And most importantly, as Buddy34 said, come back here often, post about your runs, read about where others are in their journey and before you know it, you'll be providing support for others as they start their journey or commiserate with those at the same stage as you. You can do it!

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You can do this! You've got a goal, so just remember how good that last 5k was!

And keep posting on your progress - we'll love to hear how you're getting on 😊

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