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What songs get you through?!

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Hi everyone! I’m new here, just did my first run today. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I thought it’d be good to share what music gets us all motivated, particularly when you’re finding it tough?? All suggestions welcome so I can add them to my spotify list! Queen’s Radio Ga Ga helped me through one of my 60 second runs today 😁

Happy running :)

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Welcome to the forum.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Enjoy your journey.

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I only listen to what l like. You should do the same thing, forget what others suggest. Wanna enjoy a leisurely run while listening to Rammstein? No? Then listen to what you like! :)

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Each to their own, of course!! 😁 this is just meant to be a fun thing so we can share our weird and wonderful varied music choices, and you never know when someone else’s suggestion might just be the thing that works for you too!

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It all depends on what type of music you want, if you have Spotify, try Jancanrun's music choice Birthday Number Ones and a few other titles by her, she specialises on music for running.

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This week’s #throwbackthursday on Spotify is a winner 😊

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Loads of posts on this and loads of choices.... we are all different... and that is why it works... :) Hidden is the expert on this!

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Thanks Oldfloss in truth I only come up with an idea and the rest of you happily oblige with your favourites. Happy New Year

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I listen to podcasts, or a coach, but I also have a power song button on my app that I can preselect something that means something to me, so if I need it, it’s there. Sometimes I choose something fast for when I’m likely to want to finish fast, and other times something slower to keep me going when it gets tough.

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Queen are always good! I've also got Madness and the Wurzels on my playlist - they make me smile when the going gets tough!

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I kept listening to stuff that made me run too fast in the early weeks! Then I put on Kate Bush ‘The Whole Story’ and completely found my groove :)

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I often find myself back in the 80's 🤩

Hi Sunmusic33 if you have Spotify, you can look for my profile Jancanrun same as on here, or under ‘retro runners’ . All the playlists have been compiled by C25Kers and the Facebook Beyonders group, so the brilliant thing is the music is a musical snapshot of fellow runners. I typically create one a month and it usually has 2-3 hours worth. Not all tracks are to my taste, but apparently I quite like running to Marilyn Manson and I never knew that until I started the playlists... happy running to whichever music you choose

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