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W1R3 - I DID IT,!


So I completed my 3rd run yesterday which I actually found easier than I thought I would. I'm actually feeling excited about my week two which I'll start tomorrow. I always debate with myself like the day before about how I can do this. Then the day arrives and I struggle to keep control of those negative thought like "no you don't want to do this" and "it's going to be hard being out of breath and feeling your heart pounding in your chest"! However all that pales into the distance when I complete the run and feel good about myself. So I'm just going to keep going I realised it'll make me feel great at the end of the 9 weeks and that's the feeling I want.

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Hold that thought...very well done you! Slow and steady will get you there:)


so true.. after a run, the next run can't come soon enough but then when it is the night before, the morning of, the feeling is quite different! You've nailed wk1, see you soon in week 2!


You'll get to week 9 in a blink of an eye and suddenly you'll feel such a sense of achievement! Keep at it, and like others said, don't rush it. Well done! Keep it up!

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Thank you for your encouraging words. I'm just about to get ready for today's W2R1. Feeling a bit nervous but ready to give it ago. I'll update after completion. I can do it!

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