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Week 8 run 2

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So I have become confident enough to run in daylight and it was great! Very different experience but it was nice to give and receive a big smile from a fellow jogger. These moments are wonderfully affirming. 🌈

Jogging today was easier than I thought it would be, even though first minutes are full of voices saying I can’t do this. 🤔 It’s good to remind oneself that even though they make an appearance they haven’t prevailed!😊. A lesson for myself generally, that’s what’s great about all of these runs, the small victories and goals achieved, it’s brilliant😎

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I've always run about 10 in the morning so I don't know any different. I was a bit like don't want anybody to see me when I started then I thought what have I got to be worried about . Good for you maybe you'll be out in the daylight more often good luck 😊

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You are a run ahead of me. My daughter bought me a nice yellow hat to go with all my other hi viz running gear. You can't miss me on the Humber Bank! Well done you 😀😀

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JT489Graduate in reply to Bartontiger

I may yet get gear that’s something other than black! Good for you, whatever colour you wear... 😎

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