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Week 7 Run 3 Groundhog Days!


After floundering around week 8 without feeling much accomplishment, I decided to repeat W7 Run 3 a couple of times. So, I did these on 30 December and again today, 01 January. Completed both times but still struggling a bit at the end - I think I will do one more before moving on to W8. I envy those who say that they feel like keeping running when it comes to the end of their run - I have never felt like that yet! I will keep on keeping on.... Happy 2019 to all x

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I graduated in August and still feel really shattered after a run ... sometimes 5 minutes in to the run! Have confidence in the programme you’re ready for w8, it’s all about positive mental thinking. You’re just as good as anyone else who has completed this programme so just do it!

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Thank you Paula x


Don’t worry I never feel like that. I’m willing that last 60 seconds away!


There's no problem with repeating a run maybe just try wk8 and see how you go


I get runs where I complete 5k and think I could just go again... I also get ones where I’m spent! If you haven’t already done so, try running deliberately slower until the bell on a run then go back to your normal pace, and you should have more in the tank at the finish line. The more you run the easier it will become though... so you’ll get to the end of one at some point and know you could go another lap.

Happy new year.


Unless you are some kind of natural athlete I think the majority of us who are following the plan feel that way. I've had good and bad days and today I run W8R1. I still remember how hard 60 seconds was. You are doing brilliantly.

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