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A cheeky little 3.5km to start the year


Up later than usual and grateful for it being a little overcast or it would be too hot to run. My Godfather was waiting to go for the morning paper, so I went with him in the car to the newsagents then ran back. My TED Talk stopped the minute I put my phone in my pocket and I couldn't find it again. I also realised my phone battery was low so just ran with my thoughts. It seemed harder than I thought it should be, then I realised pretty much the whole thing had been slightly up hill: 60mtrs of height gain in total, so not bad. Glad I got out there this morning as I'm hoping to run Rockhampton Park Run on Sat, and now I'm on track.

I didn't take any photos this morn so I'll have to post one of my Aussie creature photos. I think Kanga is hoping Roo will move out soon!

Happy new Running Year everyone 🙃

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Nice one...Happy New Year..!

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