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Me jogging?!! - unthinkable? ..or is it?

I cannot believe I am about to start W4R1,.... why ...because I am 44 yr old female, who hates running and tuts at joggers (I always think they are mad going out jogging in all weather, though even I have been out in the snow jogging now)), is very over weight and just diagnosed with severe hypertension. I haven't run since I had to do cross country at school and even then I cheated and walked most of it ...and yet I have made it to the start of W4.

Ok I admit it has taken more than 4 weeks to get here, I only go out in the dark, I jog really slowly and you would laugh if you saw what I wore .... but I am a little step further from that couch and a little step near the 5k ... and despite the sweat, tears and swearing I fell better than I have felt in years.

Sorry Laura for all the names I have called you so far, and I am sure there will be more this week, but I love you too :)

So wish me luck as I attempt W4R! :)

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Oh bess you I drive out into the country side so no one can see me!!, I do find it easier running in the daytime though, I think it's all the head like SAD syndrome ??.

Well done to you though I'm like you but was never fit at school either, I've been using my asthma as an excuse for years not to do anything,

I run in normal clothes at the mo, might treat myself when reaching W3

Good luck xx


Well done you. Keep going. I'm 44 this month ... over weight and completely unfit. I'm also at a snail's pace. I've got Week 6 Run 3 tonight ... Gulp! Lisa :-)


Well done! I'll be starting week 4 next week, can't believe nearly there already. I've just done w3 run 2, and feel very proud of myself! I'm 51 and really felt that it was now or never. Souki, I have no special running clothes yet, but feel this may become a necessity soon. I always go the countrside and hope no-one sees me, although today a mountain biker passed me and I didn't mind at all. Normally I see dog walkers, and pretend I'm just out walking the dog too!


I used to wear my hat pulled right down and did not wear my specs for the first 6 weeks.I also wore an eclectic mix of running gear. I also went out before most of the village was awake until I knew I could run and now, exactly a year since I started the journey, I don't care who sees me. I feel so much better and as I will be 64 next week I am sure that if I can do it you will too.


Well done you - I'm 43 and like you always thought that runners/joggers were completely off their trolley. I am, however, thoroughly enjoying my C25K journey and have just finished W4R3 :) I run slowly, out in all weathers and brave the potential catcalls from the local RAF station (none yet, they are all very well behaved) by running in the day time. Keep at it & good luck


Well done - keep it up!

I have bought myself a pair of running tights - but have still not been brave enough to wear them, and have done all my runs (up to end of wk8) in my ordinary clothes (tracksuit bottoms and fleeces mostly, so ok but not 'runner' outfits). Maybe I'll wear the fancy pants for my graduation run! (And no, they're not green!)


Thank you for all the lovely comments and encouragement ... just waiting for the darkness to descend to start W4R1 ... will be thinking of you Lisa on W6 ...cannot even imagine that one yet :).

oldlady63 ...very impressed...I cannot wimp out now.

So thank you all again and off i go to change into my saggy old trackie bottoms that are too short and flap above my ankles.

Good luck x


Very well done Amsjo, I run on a treadmill wimp that I am, but it does allow me the luxury to run in my pants with the blinds drawn!

Next time you get tired think on that, have a giggle and keep on running.

All the best



:) -Dale that will make me laugh!

Did W4R1 ... I ran for 5 mins ... i actually did it...had to push for the 2nd 5 minute jog but did it ... and now I feel epic :)

Hope everybody elses run have gone well?



For the first 6 weeks I only ran in the dark, with a hat pulled as far down my face as possible without actually covering my eyes and with my jacket collar pulled up as far as possible. Eventually, I got fed up only running in the dark, and took tentative steps running in the daylight. I know I look ridiculous in my running kit, I was just like you in that I hated running at school and always thought that runners were daft, but now I think differently. Wait 'til you get to the bit where Laura tells you that you can call yourself a proper runner - you will be chuffed. Well done and keep it up!!!


..does she say that ... when is that... cannot wait to be called a proper jogger :)

I do feel a bit of a jogger as i was given an armband to hold my ipod in ... problem is it's too small to go round the top of my arm so have to wear it on my lower arm ... ah well part of the dream ...just got to work to get the reality :)



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