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The Demon Battle Continues (to be beaten)

The cold weather. The panettone. The warm bed. They’ve all tried to get me to take a week off.

‘Get 5k behind me demons,’ say I.

My son has been at home and he is a novice runner too but uses the Nike Run Club app.

He wasn’t sure whether he was up to 25 minutes non stop so I said, ‘Let’s just have a consolidation week, have fun and see how we get on.’

Well we’re two runs into the week and both have been 25-30 minutes without stops. I’m so ready for week 7 now.

What I’m pleased about is that I’ve got him to run slower, which gives him more stamina. We’re at about 4.2k in 30 minutes which makes me think my April goal of 70 minutes for 10k is do-able.

The other thing I’ve experimented with is running with a cold. I read that if it doesn’t affect anywhere below the neck (so no chest cough, aching body, or raised glands) it can actually help. It’s certainly bringing it out.

Does anyone else have this experience?

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Never run with a bad cold, I'm too much of a wuss. Also not sure where I'd stash the tissues. Is the existing working?

Have to say, I misread your post, I thought you were pleased that you got your son to take a shower! Oops! 😂

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Hahahaha. You may have merely read a subtext. I have to admit that I’ve taken two days off running now as the cold has kicked in. Hot Toddy is the only answer. Honest. Hope your year is ending well.

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Enjoy those hot toddies! I'm giving myself the week off after running a Christmas Day parkrun. My foot needs a long recovery time (I hurt it back in July) but I'm very chuffed that I did it, and I appear to have survived 😊. Go us!

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