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Christmas Eve moonlit run and stats!

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Lovely moon last night! Even from the streets and pavements of a suburban town it looked inspiring! It’s interesting as I have been happy to be jogging for the given time which felt like the achievement in itself ( which it definitely is!) but now I’ve reached week 7 have just started to think about how I compare. I know I am slow, and I did look at one post safe to say I was more than slow!! I recovered from my disappointment with a laugh about it and now I am pretty sure that for the moment stats are useless unless you are comparing yourself with yourself. It was because I started to feel more confident in what I am achieving that made me curious but for now it’s about me focusing on me. !

Merry Christmas 🎄

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Merry Christmas to you JT489, with C25K there is no hurry in completing it, do it in your own time, slow and steady is the mantra here. You have reached week 7, that's 3/25 minute runs and a pace to suit your own requirements, no hurry, not long now until you graduate. Enjoy the rest of Christmas Day,

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Take it from someone who is a slow runner, the only time it matters is if you compare yourself to others and feel bad, then it really does matter. I have done that but I make sure I don’t stay in that mind frame too long. I am a pationate runner, I run for me. I always check if the events I enter have a maximum time. I calculate my time and if I am under that then I am good to go. Trust me there are quite a few of us at the back of the pack and it is actually a fun place to be. So embrace your pace and enjoy your runs, it is the best way to go. Happy running.

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Someone posted this recently Slow is the best way to get in to running and avoid injury. Plenty of time to work on speed/distance when you've finished the program. You on week 7 compared to you on the couch is what you should be looking at. Great achievement. Keep it up.

It is always interesting to compare to others, and no harm in it as long as it doesn't put you off, and it sounds like you have the right attitude to it.

Happy running!

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I just did the first twenty minute run of the C25K and I was so slow I got a nice wave off Brian the snail as he passed but I really don’t mind. From where we start it’s a great achievement no matter what speed we’re comfy at, the games the thing!

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Thanks for all of the comments above! And happy Boxing Day...a run for me today. I might venture out in daylight, could be good. Not used to negotiating others as have always run in the dark. I like the idea of being at the back of the pack realfoodieclub. 🏃🏼‍♀️

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