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What to expect on Week 1 Day 1

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Hi all. Hope everyone's fit and well.

About 4 years ago I graduated from C25K and can, hand on beating heart, say it changed my life. I've since run the London 10K and am presently training for a half-marathon.

However, I still remember very well how intimidating 5K was, so if you'd like to feel a little more prepared before you start, I've written a post all about my Week 1 Day 1 experience. You can find it here: runnected.com/2018/11/21/c2...

Hope it helps.

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Good post! I felt exactly the same on day one. In fact, when they said run for 60 seconds I said "not a chance". But I did it. It's amazing what we can all achieve on this programme!

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Oh W1R1 still gives me nightmares! We all get to beat it though. Nice post, and so good to hear about onward progress... I guess the marathon is calling too!?

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