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Hello (again) :)

I completed Couch to 5K two days ago and the plan is to start the Bridge to 10K plan tomorrow. We'll see how that one works out as I've got to work around my Guide Dog puppy Riff but I'll give it a go!

Here are a few important dates (more for my own benefit):

05/03/2011 - started C25K

07/05/2011 - finished C25K

24/06/2011 - longest run - 8.34 miles

16/09/2011 - restarted C25K

12/12/2011 - restarted C25K (again)

25/02/2012 - finished C25K... again!

So here it goes with B210K... wish me luck! And here's hoping the sheep leave me alone this time! :D


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54 Replies

  • all the best with bridge to 10K

    cant see you having any problem with this, apart from lack of time...


  • ... and cantankerous sheep ;)

    Ta Shelly :)

  • Congratulations on C25K again. Best of luck with the B210K. I might look into that myself soon.

  • Thanks!

    If you need the downloads for B210K just let me know :)

  • Could I please have the downloads for b210k please by email

  • Hello :)

    I've just spotted another blog post with a link to the podcasts if you want to try that. Here it is: couchto5k.healthunlocked.co...

    Of course if that doesn't work I'm more than happy to send them to you! Let me know if you can get them :)

  • Having problem with link - could you please email to me thanks.


  • Sure thing :) I'll sort it tomorrow for you.

  • Many thanks - look forward to it. Do you need my email address?


  • Oh blimey I forgot about that bit! Yes please! I won't get very far otherwise :D

  • liz_davidson145@hotmail.com

  • Thanks - I'm struggling to upload them to hotmail. Run 1 went up fine but 2 and 3 just won't work. I'm trying 4 now. They may come in bits and pieces so bear with me!

  • Thanks for all your efforts

  • Wow! I can't wait to finish (I am on week 7) and start running to my own music!!! Well done on completing and good luck with B210K! You'll walk it...Well hopefully run it but you know what I mean! :) x

  • Haha thanks Pat :D

  • Week 1 Run 1

    Wow that was tough! For a start I didn't hear the announcement telling me to start running so I had to fiddle around with that for a while. The first two runs went well, as did the first half of the third one. But after that it was very difficult! Still, I kept on going and managed to complete all the runs even if it was slow going. Looking forward to trying this again on Thursday!

    One piece of advise from me - don't run past your house! The urge to stop is strong! :D

  • Week 1 Run 2

    Eeeek that was hard going! Especially the last 10 minutes but I feel I did better than last time overall. It's a lot warmer today too so I had fewer layers on - makes me quite excited for summer running! I like the music on these MP3's too as they really get me going (although you wouldn't know it from looking at the Garmin!)

    One run left of week 1! Bring it on!

  • Week 1 Run 3

    That was much better than my previous two attempts. On the first couple of runs I was flying! But then halfway through the third run I started going uphill again so I slowed down considerably. I covered more ground though so I'm a happy bunny :)

    So in the 43 minutes I covered 3.73 miles. The Garmin says that my pace during the first three runs was between 10 and 11 minutes which I am so pleased about! The last run went down to 13:52 so you can tell how exhausted I was by then!

    OK... bring on week 2! Eeeeek!

  • hi kate

    I didnt want to say before but I could not finish this week, well, the last 10 minutes, even though I had 3 or 4 attempts. I gave up & went onto week 2 (a bit like going back to intervals in week 6 of c25k).

    well done on managing this. :)

  • Thanks Shelly :)

    The last 10 minutes are awful aren't they! My feet went numb and had pins and needles throughout the last run which was weird. Glad it's not just me that found it hard going at the end!

  • Welcome Kate & so glad you've joined after being such a fantastic contributor to the talk.nhs.uk Couch to 5k forum.

  • Thank you :)

  • Is there an actual program for b210k's I have not been able to find it at all. I am half way through week 7 and going well.

  • Yes there is - they were available on Facebook but they've since been removed. Do you want me to email them to you?

    It starts out with running for 10 minutes and walking for one minute 4 times. You build up to 60 minutes of running over 6 weeks I think.


  • I would love you to email it to me thanks. debbie.tawton@donhad.com.au

  • Hi DibDob :)

    I'm trying to send them to you now - it might take me a while as they're not uploading very fast at all. So they may come one by one but they'll all get there eventually! :D

  • Thanks very much have received them. Will start soon still doing week 7 but once you can run for 25 mins I reckon you are ready to move on up. Went out for a run with my old running partner this morning first time for four years, it felt good.

  • Week 2 Run 1

    Wow that was even harder! Those last 15 minutes just didn't want to end - it was very difficult to keep going. But I'm glad I carried on as you get that buzz that only completing a tough run can give you.

    Right... on to run two...

  • Week 2 Run 2

    Ouch! Blister time! The ball of my left foot feels very sore because of it but the rest of me feels goooood :)

    I found this run very tough again - especially the last 15 minutes - but again I'm proud to say I kept on running right though to the end! I have to admit that B210K is harder than I expected but that just makes the feeling of finishing even better! Woop!

  • Week 2 Run 3

    I've not been able to post as we've had company over the weekend but I managed to complete run three on Saturday. I ran over 4 miles! The funny thing is that I wasn't even going to run because I had an icky tummy but it turned out pretty good :)

    Have to say this though - I'm dreading week three!!!

  • good luck kate.

    hope the second run feels easier. :)


  • Me too! :D


  • Week 3 Run 1

    Well that wasn't too bad. I was dreading this run - three lots of 17 minutes sounded hard! But in a way it was better than last week because the second walk wasn't at the top of a steep bit like before so mentally I was prepared to keep on going past that point. Not sure if that makes any sense but it does to me! Anyway I covered 4.6 miles in 53 minutes (slow I know!) so I'm never going to reach 10K in an hour but never mind.

    And finally - ouch ouch ouch! Running made that blister I got the other day much much worse! Then evil little Riff put his claw through it - aaaaaaaaaaaah! Probably too much info but ow! :D

  • owwww. sounds painful. I got blisters from walking too fast in flipflops during c25k last year & they were soooo painful. those "happy feet" jelly type insole things were brilliant & you can get this suede type stuff aswell which feels nice & sort of takes away the pressure.

    well done you on week 3. the 17 minutes sounds like a big step up but in another few weeks it only adds on another 9minutes to get to that hour. I think it was about 66mins for my first 10k, but I dont know how long it would take me outside as I am snail slow outside.

    how are you finding the 1min walk breaks? I found that tough at first. barely enough time to have a sip of drink (before I mastered the running & drinking thing).

    best wishes with run2 shelley x

  • Hi Shelly :)

    I've got one of those blister plaster things stuck on my foot at the moment which helps a lot. Didn't even notice the blister on todays run!

    I found the 1 minute walks tough too at first. It just didn't seem enough time to get my breath back. But now I think I'm getting better at it - just need to really focus on deep breaths etc.

    So todays run was stopped after the first run. It was actually going really well and I was quicker than normal but I spotted a man with a Guide Dog and couldn't resist stopping for a chat. I ended up walking most of the way home with him and Prince the dog which was really really nice. So I guess I'll give run 2 another go tomorrow!

  • Week 3 Run 2

    Woop! Feel pretty good about this run! I covered 4.85 miles which is a lot for me! I'm definately liking week 3 more than week 2 - one run left :)

  • Week 3 Run 3

    Ouch! Remember that blister I got in week 2? Well now I have a blister on that blister! I didn't even know that was possible!

    Found this one hard going - mum saw me going past the house and said I looked in pain! :D

    Eeeek week 4 next!

  • Week 4 Run 1

    So three 18 minute runs - I thought it was 20 so that was a nice surprise! I was so close to reaching 5 miles - it was 4.96 in the end! I was gutted as I'd stepped up the pace to try reach it but oh well better luck next time :)

    I'm absolutely shattered now - so off for a nap!

  • Right I spotted Harry and Prince again so stopped for a long chat. Ended up running only 20 minutes in total but covered over 2 miles which was a nice surprise even if I was sort of cheating! So I'll repeat run 2 tomorrow as I had today off.

  • Week 4 Run 2

    Gah! 4.94 miles - the 5 mile mark is taunting me! I found this quite tough - probably because it was so warm. I ended up stripping off my gilet and carried it although that was more of a bother than wearing it so I put it back on. Maybe I should start taking a bottle of water with me? Anywho one run left :)

  • Oh deary me I haven't run in a week! It's scary how easy it is to fall back into my lazy habits. Right - tomorrow I will complete Week 4!

  • Week 4 Run 3

    Woop! Week for is complete - finally! I was flying along at the start but slowed down a lot in the final run. This hot weather is hard to run in! The last walk happened to be right outside my house so I was sneaky and popped in to get a bottle of water before continuing. It feels so good to run after not doing it for a week and it seems to have helped with my cold - my lungs definately got cleared out! :D

  • wow, really close. great to hear you are still at it. bet you make that 5mile mark next time.

    good luck :)

  • Week 5 Run 1

    Today was two 22 minute runs. I covered almost 4 miles - I'm so slow! Two runs left now and then it's 60 minutes - eeeek!

  • Week 5 Run 2

    Well that ended up alright! It started as a horrible run - I felt exhausted after 2 minutes - so I was going to go up the big hill, across the top, half way down the lane and then the plan was to turn around and go back. Basically I was looking forward to being able to run down the hill! But this took less time than I thought so when I reached the hill on the way back I didn't turn down it but kept on going. I ended up finding this lovely footpath - I was actually running on grass - GRASS! I really really enjoyed it and covered 4.5 miles in the 50 minutes. Looking forward to finding more new routes :)

  • Week 5 Run 3

    Woohoo! I haven't felt this good about running for ages! I tried a new route (got a bit lost on a farm) and covered 5.5 miles which I'm so chuffed with! Going somewhere different is so much more interesting although next time I may need a map - if it weren't for two walkers passing by I'd have been lost for good :D

  • Week 6 Run 1

    I ran yesterday - we've got cousins over from Australia so it's been hard to get out. Plus it was my friend's remission party on Friday so I had a bit to drink but shhhhh! ;)

    So I managed 5.15 miles in 60 minutes - less than last time but I'm still pleased with it! I did a mix of old and new routes which was fun although I nearly ended up on my bum a few times whilst charging down a field! :D

  • Week 6 Run 2

    One run down - one to go! I did this run yesterday - another mash up of old and new routes. I LOVED it! In the end I managed 5.6 miles in the hour so I'm super pleased with that!

  • Week 6 Run 3

    Mwahahaha! 10K done! It took an hour and 9 minutes but still - 10K!!!

    My face is like this -> :D

  • Wow, well done, I'm just thinking about doing it, does the b210k podcast have music?

  • Yes they do and it's a bit more modern than the stuff on C25K too :)

    I'd definately reccommend doing B210K!

  • Cheeers have downloaded, plan to do week 1 r 1 tomorrow (Wed) eek!

  • Good luck! :)

  • Hi Kate I just stumbled on your blog and read the whole thing, it's great! :)

    I'm starting week 2 of B210K tomorrow and I found the first week really hard :( In reality it's only a few more minutes extra than what I'd been running for my 5k but something about going back to intervals made it so difficult. I'm slightly apprehensive about this week but I'm glad to see that you made it though and encouraged you made it to the 10k in around 1hr (my goal). I've entered a 10k race on the 12th June so hoping I don't have any major set backs.

    Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration :D

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