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Food plus weight problems?


Hey you guys! I'm currently in progress to train for a recruitment, and running makes me lose weight which i don't really want because one of the requirements stated that recruiters need to be 50kg above. I don't eat heavy foods lately because coming back to running after years of stopping also uncontrolled eating caused my body to be out of shape. These past few days, i tried to figure out on my own on the foods that I should eat, it was clearly a bad idea because my running wasn't as smooth as the runs before. Cause these pesky problems are returning again; heavy legs and shortness of breath!

So any suggestions on what I should eat to maintain my weight so it doesnt fall below 50kg AND I could run without being heavy due to the foods. I don't really know if the heavy legs and shortness of breath is connected to the foods that I eat but please help, anyone?

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How’s your hydration? That makes a huge difference to the legs. If you’re short of breath, slow down. As for maintaining weight... look at those traffic lights on the packets and run a red light all day once a week!

I always keep myself hydrated before running. Oh and also I still pound to the pavement during my runs since I started week 1, any advices for it also?

Hi there. I will be honest I’m not exactly sure what a recruiter is and therefore am not up on needing to be 50kg. What is your current diet? Are you using a Asian or European diet? Good protein and carbs are the way to increase your intake to stop weight loss. An app like MyFitnessPal can help sort out the balance and workout your calories in and calories out.

Oh my bad. Seem I have made a typo. I mean recruits. I'm trying out for police recruitment this month and one of the requirements for it is not to be less than 50kg. I'm currently 52kg so I'm afraid that I would lose my weight due to running and trying to find foods to maintain them or even increase them a little bit. I'm currently using asian diet that my dad taught me. Thank you for the help!

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Try an app like My Fitness Pal where you log all your food, and exercise calories either from a fitbit etc or by manually adding run times for instance. By putting in your base measurements you can opt to lose, maintain or even gain weight. By weighing once a week you will see what is happening and manually adjust your “allowed “ calories. You can eat what you want, when you want to hit your daily goal. Worked for me lost 20lbs slowly but surely two years ago, and still use it to keep me on track.

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