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Confessed to athletic son


Confessed to my athletic son about my running by showing him my graduation on my phone. (He's a physio.) His reaction was priceless! About 5 minutes later, he said, I don't think I know you, Mum! Yey!

On a sad note, he and I were together at my Dad's funeral. Running has been a huge help with all the intense emotions of the last couple of months. No other form of exercise has ever had such a good effect on my mental and emotional state.

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Firstly, I’m so very sorry to hear about your Dad. This time of year makes loss especially hard. ❤️

Happy that your running helped you though, and seeing your son’s reaction must have made graduation all the more sweet! Very well done you! 👏👏🎉

I had a similar reaction from my super fit husband when I managed a landmark run! Reactions like that make our achievements so much more worthwhile don’t they?



It’s so true. It really helps remove yourself temporarily from your life. The clamour is silenced and you can just be. We can just let our thoughts run free while we’re out. It’s so good 🙂

It’s good to eventually share our running with our families 😁. I didn’t say at All for ages as I knew I’d get mocked 🙄. My husband’s not laughing now though 💪

I can’t talk to him about my running as he’s not interested but I hope you and your son can. if not, you can share the highs and lows on here 😁


Sorry to hear of your loss, but a priceless moment there. Glad that the running has helped, I bet your son can t wait to run with you.

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I can wait to run with him, though! He's a gazelle, unless a long standing injury us playing up. Then I might get a look in. Enjoyed a run with my daughter, over from NZ. She's not so speedy.

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