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W9R1 first 30 minute non-stop!


Thick white hoar frost and a cold wind - but bright sunshine! I can’t believe, as always, that I’ve done this! I didn’t particularly want to go out, but went anyway. And it was cold! But seemed to get into a steady rhythm - slow, more like trotting, jogging or clopping but I could do it without getting too tired. Isn’t that amazing? It’s all just happened by following the programme - wow! Magic! Only 2 more runs to go ...

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Great run... yes, the easy runs are amazing! Enjoy the next one and of course the one after.


Thank you UNM - and yes, they are amazing. Hope your rehab is going well 🙂

It was cold out there today!! I just did a quick 15 minutes circuit from my front door and back, and that was enough for me, so doubly well done for running 30 minutes.


Yes it was cold! I wore some winter weight running tights for the first time, and a light fleece. And running gloves tho they don’t work so well. But I’m down here in the soft South, so maybe that makes a difference? But well done you, GOG for getting out there at all! It all counts 😊

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