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Week 8 completed


8 down, 1 to go!

Still can’t believe I’ve made it this far

Tonight I left the 5 min warm up walk distance out of my 5k, so the run distance was all run (I’ve been counting the time and distance from the warm up walk so far)

Don’t worry, I still did the warm up, and a long warm down walk afterwards

It turns out that my run is about 1:30 quicker than my walk over the 0.5k warm up equivalent, as I continued to 5k again tonight, 32:07

Rest day tomorrow then starting week 9 on either Friday morning or Sunday night, depending if I’m up early enough on Friday

I found another great photo from a local photographer that I could outline my whole run on. Starting from the left, doing 3 laps of the loop on the right, then finishing just to the left of the pier (centre of photo)

3 runs to go, looking forward to them already 👍🏃‍♂️

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Good job again... into your victory lap now... we are ready to cheer you onto that podium... have lots of fun in week 9.


Well done.... take it steady to that podium.. :)

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