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Weeks 2, 3 and 4 😱


Quick update, week 2 finished happy with the third run in the bag, slightly nervous about week 3 and the 3 minute stint but weirdly found myself feeling like I could have done longer. This wasn't a bad thing as due to 50-60 mph winds and a sick toddle week 3 took two weeks to complete. Today I've just completed run 2 of week 4. Can't believe I'm running for 5 minutes non stop!! Knees are a little achy with this week, but hopefully that will ease with practice. The breathing seems easier, especially on the second 5 minute run. Fingers crossed for W4R3 😃

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Plenty of warming up.. stretching after every run and try these...


Very well done you....you have had a lot to cope with....as the runs get longer, try to up your strength and stamina exercise, although with a toddler, that will be pretty good:)

Feeling as if you could do more at the end is perfect... hold that feeling :)


You’re doing great... easy on those knees, the advice in the reply above is great and did me well.


Well done on your progress. You will learn to trust the programme and it's a great feeling to do personal bests each week. The constant surprise that you can do it is so motivating. All the best.

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