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Wk7R2 I got invited to run with a club

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Last night was my week7 midway run

The weather had been crap all day but I knew I was going out anyway.

I’d taken my kit to work with me and as it happens I had to leave early to deliver a package to a customer locally

Getting out early meant I could take up the invitation from the organiser of a local club to join them on their weekly run

There were 2 routes, 2.2 miles and 3.1 miles (5k) for those that wanted to

I joined the 3.1 group which sets off up a hill for 0.75k then turns back, past the start to then do a lap of the park, completing the 5k

As the 3-2-1-Go! Went, they all darted off as I did my 5 min warm up walk listening to Jo Whiley, quite a narrow path, covered with wet leaves with very wet muddy slippery grass at the side was my surface for the night, then a head torch and lots of bodies were running at me, they’d reached the turning marker and were heading back on the first leg. Then came my 25 min run

I reached the marker, turned and set off back for my lap of the park. If it wasn’t for cheesy music and the odd bit of Jo I’d have been on my own.

It felt a bit disheartening being on my own at my pace after everyone ran so quickly, but I’m usually alone anyway, somehow this was different though.

Last night wasn’t pouring down like my last run , but I ended up taking my glasses off, a combination of fogging up inside and fine rain outside made it impossible to see the dimly lit uneven path, so running slightly blind was better.

I carried on with my Garmin buzzing each mile away and Jo giving me the 12.5 minutes gone.... 5 mins to go... etc and there were people in front of me! Running the same way! I’d caught some of the short route group, and then some of my group too! Suddenly I wasn’t so disheartened, some of the quick starts had taken their toll, and my steady slow pace was enough to catch up

Perhaps I’m not as bad at this as I thought.

Having someone in front just out of reach (by a reasonable distance but I could see their flashing light) kept me going. I passed the “turning point marker” from the first bit, that could only mean I’m nearly there! It’s all downhill now! And I’ve not reached the 60 seconds left warning... yet, no wait, here it is.

So the 25 mins was up, I was feeling great and this is where I get told off... I carried on.

I kept the same pace going (my jog, not a fast run) right up to the welcoming group at the end, checked my Garmin...4.91k! So I ran through them, across the car park and back to get my welcome at 5k 😂 a quick hello then a warm down walk.

I ran for 29:32, which with my warm up walk gave me 34:32 for my best 5k

Now for a good rest day

W7r3 will be just the 5-25-5 on Friday knowing I can do it.

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Well done. What an achievement and in the dark too! I would have been scared of falling over. 🙂

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Lozzles74Graduate in reply to Knittingrunner

It was close at times 😂👍

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Well done running with "others" 😱.. You are brave...

Enjoy your next run 👍

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