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First Run back in the UK

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Well, hi there.

I'm finally back in the UK and did my first run back on home soil this morning. (I was just admiring the view when I saw forensic tents on the opposite side of the river where I run as a body had been found. So sad).

It seemed to be a slow run so I think that is good as I felt like I could just keep going. All I'm doing right now is just repeating the last run of Week 9 every time.

Whilst in South Africa on one of my runs I seemed to have tweaked my knee - so only managed about 15 minutes one day. This injury didn't last long and I did a full 30 minutes after that. However my last week on holiday I had a terrible tummy bug and so I missed a week of running due to that and travelling.

I'm looking forward to my next run and hoping to start my first park run on Saturday. I'm not sure what to wear if it is pouring down with rain. I feel I might get too hot in a rain coat. Anyway, maybe I should just run in the rain :D.

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Blimey, that's terrible. Thank goodness you didn't discover the body first, seriously awful and, as you say, so sad.

You've had stops, sometimes life gets in the way but as you've found, you just get back to running in your own time.

As for the rain, just run. Once you're wet you're wet and you'll feel epic running when drenched 💪💪

Hi, I haven't run in the pouring rain but there was a discussion on here recently, the most popular thing seems to be a hat with a peak to keep the rain out of your eyes, and a nice dry towel and change of clothes waiting in the car. Have a great time at the park run.

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