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4week knee recovery - slowly does it

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It’s 4 weeks since I had to stop the programme due to kna&@£)(d knees... at the end of week 2. Two physio visits and 4 weeks of knee strengthening exercises daily and I can at least walk again and go up and down stairs! Felt really low and so upset during this time that I couldn’t manage it and even doubted I could ever run again! At the physios last week she made me try 2x3 mins on treadmill and hey presto, no pain!! I’m thrilled and frightened all at the same time. My running shoes are winking at me but I’ve decided to stick to walking for another 4 weeks before trying again. Can’t believe the pain with what actually wasn’t a torn anything, just very sore ligament damage.

Hoping that early in 2019 I get going again. :(

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Glad you’re making progress, Hoopoe. Slow and steady is the way - keep embracing that inner snail ! Have you tried the NHS Strength and Flex podcasts ? You should be able to do those now. I only started them recently, but they are helping me get fitter for running. Worth a look !

That great news it’s been 7 weeks now and still no running for me I waiting for a ankle scan on nhs seem to be taken for ever it’s getting to the point I don’t think are run again and even if I do I will have to start all over again so very down at the moment

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Jell6Graduate in reply to Garden17

I know it's hard, but re doing the programme is not the end of the world.

I quite enjoyed it, certainly more than the first time!

I hope your ankle heals soon. Don't rush the process 😊

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