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Slowly does it!

Ok so I took some advice (first time for everything!) and slowed it right down this evening, 8:00 average pace.

My app calls for 70% HR or able to hold a conversation, so I sung all the way round to keep me on track (I owe the people on route a huge apology!). Found the run so much easier from a cardio POV, at no point did I think I was going to die, but my muscles?! OMG!

The programme I am following is to burn fat and boy did it burn! I found it so much harder to go slower but felt it was better for my shape rather than my fitness if that makes sense? With 50lbs to lose I get that the fitness and speed will come once the weight has departed!

A steady 3.8k in 30 mins and I feel it will benefit me more than the 4.34 on Tuesday, weight first, speed later!

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Well done Chloe 50lbs is a lot to lose so here's a cheer for you from me ""hooraa"" go on girl you can do it


Hey Chloe. I am loosing weight and getting fit too! I have lost 2.5 stone, and put it down to this and logging my food. Have you heard of It is brilliant as you scan barcodes to log food calories and it works out how many calories you can have to maintain weight loss .

Great work though.


I'm using My Fitness Pal and have a Fitbit as well so tracking food and steps, it's coming off slowly, about 7lbs since new year, which I'm told is the best way.

You're doing well with 2.5st loss, are you hitting the gym as well or just tracking and running?


I am going to the gym - c25k was actually meant as a filler for the days when I wasn't at the gym but it has flipped... the gym is now to fill in the days when I'm not on c25k!

Your doing so well. My focus when I started was to loose weight, but that has become a secondary objective now - it is more about getting fit.

Isn't it frustrating how easy and quick it was to put the weight on compared to loosing it?!


Well done you. And yes, running slowly uses different muscle groups, so at the start, it hurts! It is a really good discipline though, so keep it up. Mix it up occasionally with little sprints added in now and then (pick 2 lampposts to run a little faster between) - that can help ease the muscles, but don't push yourself so hard that you are gasping, least ways, not til after graduation! Keep up the good work, you are doing great.


My app is set to do that in future runs so I'll be mixing it up, if my muscles last that long 😂


Well done on the weight loss. I am struggling to lose any weight I have around 1 stone I want to lose. I am changing shape though which is a bonus.

I also sing most of the way round. I am not always aware I am singing out loud :) . I find it helps with my breathing. I couldn't master Laura's advice about breathing in for 4 as this made me dizzy but I have been singing regularly since I was 10. I do have a wide variety of music on my phone as I run. It must be weird for people I pass as I go from Nickleback to a song from the musical Cabaret. It keeps me going though.


Ooh I love a good sing song while I'm running. The hills are alive la la la la la, warble, trill

Good luck with the weight loss peeps. I've lost 50 odd pounds now. Lost 5 lbs since Christmas just by running, doing Jillian Michaels workouts at home and eating healthily.

I burned more calories on my slower jog out with the running group than I did on a fast 5k done earlier in the day. Slow burns calories! By going slower you can go further and burn yet more cals. Trick is not to overeat when you get home!

Keep up the good work folks. It's worth it

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