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Week 8 done!

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Completed my 28 minute runs on last Wednesday, Friday and Monday! I decided to try to push the pace just a little bit more to see if I could make it 4km. Ended up with 3.99, 3.94 and finally 4.00!!

I have hit a bit of a snag though - vomiting 😰 Keen to hear any tips (other than slow down - I don't wanna! πŸ˜…) I run first thing in the morning, just a couple of glasses of water and out the door. I'm going to try drinking more the night before to make sure I'm fully hydrated and ready to go. Anything else?

I suspect it could be heat related but I can't do anything about that (Darwin, Australia). It was sitting on the overnight minimum when I went out on Monday - 29Β°C and 80% humidity πŸ˜“

I hope this passes soon. The legs and mind are willing, just need the rest of the body to cooperate!!

Anyway, bring on week 9 πŸ˜ƒ

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What about taking water with you ( you can get a bottle thats easy to hold when you run), and slowing just a bit while the conditions are so uncomfortable ( I'm saying this as looking out at my very frosty garden, ha ha.) Perhaps eating a dry biscuit or similar before you go might just settle your stomach too.

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Thanks for the ideas. I couldn't find any biscuits this morning but made sure I was extra hydrated the night before plus slowed it down and it did the trick! Will have to look into those little drink bottles if I'm going to keep stretching out the time after graduation.

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Avocado’s advice is spot on - take it just a little slower and keep hydrated throughout. If you can run at cooler times of the day it should help. Some people find a cap or hat is good for reducing glare. Hope things improve soon x

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Sadly that was the coolest part of the day, just on sunrise! I took it slower today and made the whole 30 minutes with no dramas πŸ˜„

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ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to iemo

Superb ! Well done you πŸ…

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