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Venturing outside


I’ve done the course inside on a treadmill and thought I should start over in the sunshine. It was more difficult than I expected, my fields of grass seem to become like ploughed ones and my boots are made of lead. Just need to skid on a cowpat to complete the rural experience.

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Are you running in boots? If so, no wonder you're finding it hard. And I think running on grass, although softer for joints, is harder than say a pavement because of all the little undulations.

Try running much slower than you think you should. It's easier on a treadmill to set the pace and away you go but outside you have to think about it and pace yourself accordingly. Like everything else it takes practice but running really slowly will give you time to control your breath and make it feel easier.

I did most of the programme on a treadmill and have been an outside runner for years, but recently I used a treadmill again and found it so hard! It's really what you get used to, so keep going and mind those cowpats 😭


Grass does eat energy... it takes some getting used to, slowing down will help a lot. Well done getting out there and going for it.

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