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New to the site, total beginner. Anyone else struggling?


Hey everyone! I am about to embark on week 7 today. It's a 25 minute straight run. The straight runs in the past have been doable but barely for me. Anyone else having issues? What do you do to stay motivated? How do you stay warm out there??

A bit of background about myself. In February I weighed 292 pounds. In an effort to lose weight I went on a diet. When I was plateaued for several months at 230 I started the couch to 5K program. I'm now at 210 but am still finding it very very difficult. Sometimes I need to take an extra rest day between workouts. especially the ones where you run straight. advice and thoughts?

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Welcome to the forum and well done on your progress.

This guide to the plan is essential reading it describes the easy conversational pace at which you should be running............if you are struggling, slow down.

Most new runners push too hard in the belief it will make them fitter quicker.......... stamina is built by slow running.......... pushing hard just increases your risk of injury.

Extra rest days are absolutely fine.

Stick with it.


Hello 👋

You know the story of the Tortoise and Hare... Well I'm a tortoise! It's not a race, its about building up your fitness levels and stamina, and if you follow the plan you can't go wrong... I'm doing W7R2 tomorrow, no idea how I'm going to do, but I'll give it my best shot 🤞

I take each run as it comes....

And I started off running Mon, Wed and Fri, but with its now Mon, Thurs and Saturday.

Make sure you are hydrated, stick on some tunes and ignore the Gremlins in your head....

Good luck and keep us updated.

W7 R2 tomorrow for me also - ran through a stitch but making a mental note to slow it right doooooooown.

Hydration is important, positive thoughts or maybe just day dream. I end up zoning out which distracts me from everything my body may be protesting about.

All the best :)


Nothing wrong with taking extra day or days rest. 25 minutes non stop, your doing amazing don't you think? and why should it be easy - look at the progress you've made in 7 weeks. Keep it slow and steady, you can do it. Keep posting on here, the support, advice, and motivation is great

Reading on this forum regularly, there is one message you will keep seeing - go slower! Honestly, you'd be surprised how slow you sometimes need to be (varying from person to person, of course). I can do 5K Parkruns now, but I still have to work at keeping it slow enough at the start that I have the breath to keep going to the end. Get in touch with your inner snail.

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