Couch to 5K

w5r3 take 2

After not making it to 20 minutes on Saturday could not wait until my normal day (Tuesday) to try again so was out pounding the streets at ridiculous o'clock this morning. With more careful planning, to avoid the hills right at the end I made it !!!! WOO HOOOOO!!!! Still can't believe I ran for a full 20 minutes. What a great way to start the week.

w6r1 on Wednesday so will be back on track by the end of the weekend. Really looking forward to it. Think I'm getting hooked!

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That's so good, well done!


well done!! Im not that brave yet to go for the r3, so I'm redoing r2 on wednesday. We'll see what friday brings for r3 for me lol.


Go for it Miranda. Good luck for r2! I was so worried about doing the 20 minutes was starting to talk myself out of it. I know easy to say once you've done it! Know got to get my head round 25 minutes :( why does 5 minutes always feel so long? On a plus note looking forward to w6r1 &2...8 / 10 minutes running...should be OK as know can do 20!


Well done!!

Miranda you should do it really - you'll never feel ready :-)


Well done, it's a great feeling completing that one. Wk6 will definitely feel easier knowing you can run 20 minutes.


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