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1st run in 2wks (W4R1)

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So between, house moves, school hols & sickly kids it’s reall been nearly 3wks since my last run.

I thought I may have to start again but decided to give my next race a shot first.

To my complete amazement, it was my best race yet, I finished the race rearing to go again, what! This never happened before, not tired, no tight calves or sore feet? Amazing.

This was yesterday & this morning there’s still no reminders (soreness). So I’ll keep up & hope to finish in 2018. 1 guess walking 5-8miles 5x weekly was useful in some way.

Keep it going people!

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Well done.

Your physical condition does not evaporate overnight and certainly not in two weeks.

The rest often has benefits, as you have witnessed.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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Great comeback run... well done deciding to just go at the next run. Rests are good as long as not too often, I know a couple of runners who’s PB at parkrun came after a holiday. Walking is always gonna help too. Enjoy your next one.

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