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For years I have battled with psychological problems and my weight and knew I had to try and do something about both. Back in June I went to my doctor and was weighed at 20st 11lbs. At the end of August, before I started a new exercise and eating plan I weighed 20st 6lbs. So in two months I lost 5lbs.

After doing Sweatember I got weighed again and recorded 19st 10lbs a loss of 10lbs in one month. I started C25K on 1 October and today, 4 weeks and 2 runs in I weigh 19st 1lbs, a further loss of 9lbs.

So I can see that I am winning the battle over the weight, and mentally, I feel so much stronger. It's not plain sailing by any means. My mental health is horrible daily battle. Something happened on Tuesday that would normally floor me for a week and I wouldn't have got up for anything, but having started C25K and knowing the feeling I get from going out their in the fresh air listening to music and being motivated by Jo Whiley on the C25K app is amazing. So much so that I never want to miss a workout.

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Wow! You’re progressing in every way... very well done.

Congratulations. You are doing so well. Really pleased for you.

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Well done on doing amazingly well do far 😊

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You can do it

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That’s really fantastic progress 👍

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Awesome job! And thank you for mentioning your mental health issues. Its a tough subject for anyone to discuss or admit too. Kudos. At least you know here you are among friends and nobody is judging. Good on you for winning the battle on Tuesday and enjoying your run <3

We look forward to hearing all about your C25K journey and any other random stuff you wish to share. Trust me this forum loves a bit of random!

Happy running x

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