Motivation loss

Ok blatant request for something to get me going, missed a couple of runs due to work, and having trouble getting back into it, I am at week 7 run 2 so I know I need to continue.

I think whats bugging me is my weight loss seems to have stopped, go to 20st 4lb two weeks ago and it hasnt moved since.

Its stayed the same which is fantastic but I really want to be below 20 st.

I think I will try to go out at weekend in the morning, done so well not keen on giving up. Been an odd week at work as well which hasnt helped.


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18 Replies

  • You're doing brillantly! But may be weight loss is not always a smooth line downwards.

    I have heard that it is common to reach a plateau in weight loss and to stay there for a few weeks but then it starts moving again big time. May be you are also water retaining in the heat? I am and it makes about a 3lb difference to me. In addition you will still be building muscle from running which, of course, is heavier. Lots of good reasons why wieght is the same.

    Attack tomorrow morning, go for it, and tell us how you got on. Good luck!

  • Thanks, it could be water retention, not sure, 3rd week now same weight but not going to worry about it unless I put weight back on :)

  • I'd say measure yourself. I didn' t and regret it now. The scales hasn't budged much for me but several people have asked me if I've lost weight and my clothes fit better, Also my daughter has a dinky little bumbag just the right size for my phone and keys. I tried it on when I started the programme and couldn't fasten it round my waist but it fits now so I've stolen it! Even if you never lost an ounce (and you have!) you are much fitter and healthier than at the start of the programme so all that effort has not been wasted. Go for it at the weekend. RhonaL and I will be watching out to see how you got on! :-)

  • I shoudl do this and will look at it tonight. Its a great thought, yes I am fitter than I was and I can do so much more so even if I never lose any more weight I am still much better off. Thanks.

  • Yes.....weight loss......

    Mine dropped the first 3 weeks or so then leveled out and has stayed pretty much the same...up one day, down the next. What you may soon discover (like myself) is that your body is rearranging itself. So what I've decided is that I am shifting fat off and replacing it with muscle.

    Yes, the weight seems to stay the same-but one day you discover those pants you couldn't fasten a few weeks ago now fit.

    As Rhona says, it's never a straight line. And some days (weeks, even) it IS frustrating. Keep at the programme. A year from now you'll be a slimmer, more fit, happier you.

    "Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going." (Jim Rohn)

  • Thanks for the support, Will be bloggin again soon :)

  • Keep going Zagel, I was at the same stage as you but you are now creeping ahead of me ( hows that for motivation). Stupid calf problem causing a few problems at the moment. Just keep at it and the weight will slowly fall off. You are doing so well.

  • I have been lucky so far, not much to worry about injury wise, best of luck and thanks for the thoughts.

  • I know exactly how you feel, I'm doing slimming world, been good with my food and ran twice this week as well as a swim and put on a lb! I was so fed up, but decided to measure my waist and hips so at least I will see the benefits there by week9 even if he scales don't say what I want them to.

    Ultimately I am doing this for fitness and health and there is no doubt that after following this programme we will be fitter x

  • Yeah its a good point and I am glad all of you are pointing this out, its something I had forgotten, and its not just all about the weight. Thanks.

  • nicolaclaire is right that fitness and health will be improved and you should be proud of beginning and continuing with the programme. Are you also finding something to do on the rest days? An hour walking will use as many calories as c25k and it's also good to swim, dance or cycle. You've done so well to take up this programme, what about another activity on the other days so you are doing something fun every day? There's no doubt that doing c25k can be a great boost towards taking up something else. We're all waiting to see how you get on :)

  • I am actually going to the gym on rest days and using the cross trainer or cycling for about 30 mins. Will up this timewise later butquite enjoy that.

    I have to do it straight from work or I still find it hard to move when I get home. Want to get into swimming again but have a really big scar down the centre of my chest from an operation giving me anxiety issues about revealing that (along with the weight too) so avoiding that one at the moment,

    Thanks for the thoughts and I need to work on my off days a bit more. :)

  • sorry you feel self-conscious about swimming, Zagel. Check out the adult-only sessions at your leisure centre. They are often held early mornings, lunch times or late evening and you are much more likely to expect support and help from adult swimmers, many of whom are battling weight issues themselves, during those sessions than you might get from family times. I do hope you go swimming- it's awful to want to do something and not feel able to. Good luck :)

  • Even if you never lost another gramme, being fit and overweight gives much better outcomes than being unfit and overweight.

  • Thanks and your not the only one to say this, its so true but somethig I hadnt even really thought about.

    Managed a decent walking speed out when we went out to lunch friday, so nice to do that and not be out of breath and wheezing when I get there.

  • Keep going, Zagel, you are nearly there! You are at exactly the same stage as me, hoping to do Week 7 R2 tomorrow. You may have just done that one! So many things get in the way, but you are doing so well - next week the scales will move again ... don't be discouraged, just think about how far you have come. Good luck! We are all with you! :)

  • Thanks for the great comments, I really didnt get out at the weekend, just didnt feel right and quie tired.

    However, I am feeling more positive about things, I wish I had measured different parts of me when I started so I could see the change but its not that important.

    I need to focus on the getting fit part more than the weight part as you guys have said.

    I seem to have lost my headphones so need to pop out at lunchtime to get some before tonights run. I really want to finish this and run not just for 30 mins but 5km :)

  • I graduated in March and I have actually gained weight!!!! I think it's because you are just maintaining your weight until you are able to do a bit more \9does that make sense)? I still run 3 x a week but never more than 5k , usually more like 4k. I think that's why my weight loss stopped, hopefully you will build up your fitness and lose more as time goes by and you do more milege :) I personally think you're doing brilliantly so keep going :)

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