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W6R2 ✓✓✓

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So, I was nervous about this one after W6R1, but it felt easier in comparison. The last couple of minutes I was definitely counting down (but that's not unusual). The first 10 minute run was quite enjoyable << words I never thought I'd write.

I ran in new trainers which made my feet a bit tingly. Does that mean they're too tight? They're definitely a bit heavier. And I have just worked out I've set the treadmill to 4° instead of 1°. I reckon I might as well leave it at that now...that 5k will be a doodle when it comes!!

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Good job. Possibly too tight, maybe a lacing issue. 4 on the incline is gonna put some endurance in those legs, maybe go one on the first run of each step up and then back up.

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