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W4 - Smashing it (apparently)

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Final run on W4 complete. Surprised at how much my stamina has improved this week. Felt I could have run on a bit longer on the last run but disciplined myself not to (I wouldn’t want Michael telling me off). Feeling good but a bit apprehensive about running for a full 20 minutes in a weeks time, Had to check, double check and check again to make sure I read it correctly (surely an error)

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Well done Rory, glad you enjoyed your run, very important on C25K to keep exactly to the program, no extra runs, no short cuts and most of all NO running on consecutive days, that way you will graduate in your case in about 4 weeks.

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Well done.

See... you’re surprised how quickly stamina is increasing, and you’re apprehensive about that last run next week. You’re fitness and stamina will be there... think positively, you can do that run... it’s not any harder than the one before it really, it’s all in the mind. When you get to it, set off slow and steady.

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No error..just runs following other runs.. slow and steady and ones you are ready for :)

Relax... take your rest days and do not think of carrying on after the run finishes..forget Michael.. we will be here, telling you off:)

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Well done Rory for completing the run and showing restraint! Slow and steady will get you there. Each week prepares you for the next and you'll enjoy the longer runs next week!

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