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The home straight W9R1


I did it! I ran for 30min and upped the pace in the final 5!

I've also figured out my stitch problem. I can't eat for at least 3 hours before I run. So no stitch again today! I'm also drinking lots of water. I take a 1.5l bottle to work and make sure that I drink it all.

So after a horrendous evening with an angry 5 year old, I put both kids to bed by 6.45pm(!) and took it all out on my run. I relaxed (thanks IannodaTruffe) and destressed. I came home, stretched, ate, showered, and now feel bloody brilliant!

I've given my sleeping beauties (aka crazy kids) an extra secret kiss each. Now bring on half term and my last two runs!

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Glad you have the stitch issue sorted. Sometimes you just have to play about see what helps and doesn't. You are so close to graduating. Well done you.

SubterraneanAlienGraduate in reply to SOULY47

You must be too! It's exciting, isn't it?


Sounds great.

It is all so simple really, but we manage to bring stress to most things. For me, running is no stress territory.............aaaaaaahhhhhhh.............

Keep running, keep smiling.

SubterraneanAlienGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

You're the only person to point out that not stressing or tensing could help. And relaxing has made the whole thing so enjoyable again.


And you should feel bloody brilliant! 👏👏👏 Well done!

Yay!!!!!!!!!! Well done! Amazing, now on the home stretch! Well done for getting out there after dealing with your five year old, my four year has daily mega tantrums, I feel your pain. Keep on running x

SubterraneanAlienGraduate in reply to Rooster678

Honestly. School don't hear a peep out of him - model child - and he's been so good for weeks at home, but we've had two days in a row of anger and aggression. It's exhausting!

"He's been so good today, tidied up the toys and books and washed his hands before lunch"... my son's teacher tells me this on a daily basis. I'm sure she's mixed up my devil of a child with another 🙄

They like to test us... mine usually wins!


I knew you would smash it! Watch out graduation, she’s coming to get you!!!

SubterraneanAlienGraduate in reply to embobs

Here I come!


Great job. Giving it a push at the end... owning it! It’s the best stress reliever by far.

SubterraneanAlienGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Definitely - owning it!


Nice... secret kisses and special hugs tomorrow morning :) Well done you!


Hydrate well... all the time!

SubterraneanAlienGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you. I have been all week - drinking loads more. Going to the loo loads too! Not easy in a job where you can't go to the loo when you want (teacher)!

Yes, looking forward to cuddles and kisses in the morning.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to SubterraneanAlien

Good stuff... I remember the loo breaks well ( retired teacher :))

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