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Is running twice a week enough?


When I first started the programme I was running twice in the week and once at weekend but life has got busy with work and three kids and I'm only getting two runs in so obviously my progress through the weeks has slowed down which is really frustrating as I want to graduate!!! (I'm not good with patience 😉) But in all seriousness is twice a week okay?

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Twice a week is better than not at all

Teddly22Graduate in reply to slowsue

That is true enough👍

Twice a week is fine. You will just need to learn to be patient :)

Teddly22Graduate in reply to helenwheels

I will try...! I am learning lots on this programme so why not learn patience too!👍


It’s got to fit in with ur life style r it won’t work . And if twice is what u can manage that’s fine x

Teddly22Graduate in reply to Shelby1973

Thank you, I want this to carry on after I graduate so you're right it has to fit in!

Shelby1973Graduate in reply to Teddly22

I was the same as I work 12 hours days and every other week only managed 2 runs with 3 runs the week after . I graduated in nov and carried on and now love running I still not speedy but I’m out there x

Teddly22Graduate in reply to Shelby1973

Good for you! Never in a million years did I think I would enjoy running but I am out there too and also going slow and steady that's better than being on the couch!


It's fine! Enjoy your twice weekly runs and you'll graduate soon enough x

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