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Odd sensation running


So I finished W9R3 last week, did the same run two days after and then was away for four days when I couldn't run, so because of the longer than usual break I decided to try the 30min run anyway, just a bit slower than before.

About 20 mins in I got this odd feeling that my hips could move more than usual, like they suddenly stretched out, and instead of plodding along lead-footedly I could push into the ground and spring back. It made the whole thing a lot easier, and I finished the 30 mins with a few more to spare.

Just my imagination ?

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I think you hit your stride 😃💪👍. Well done. Note you were going slowly 💪. Fab!


That'll be the runners' high, then. It won't happen every run, but it makes it all worthwhile when you do experience it. Sometimes, we just get into a state of flow and everything seems effortless.

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