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Anyone on here had back surgery ?


The wheels came off my C25K journey about 10 weeks in as my long time bad back started to complain. As the last 12 months has been particularly problematic for the old spine ( it was bothering me before I started running) I decided to go back to Doc's to ask for an MRI..ended up paying for it to get it done. Turns out my back is far worse than I realised and I have been referred on to a spinal surgeon..I was in tears as I left the surgery.

I have a prolapsed disc and a compressed nerve and a various other things translated into my lumbar spine is ****ed.. I watched BBC news this morning. Laura Trott, the Olympic athlete showing gold for hurtling down a death slide on a tea tray also has a completely messed up spine too..and lives in a bungalow ..the state I'm in comes down to a less heroic reason..35 years in a desk job and being a couch potato.

Anyway ..I'm curious whether any runners here have had serious back problems leading to surgery? me if yes did you get back to running ?🏃🏃‍♀️⛹️

Since getting a proper diagnosis I have been able to do more research about exercise..running is a's not a no but it's not a big yes go ahead either..and some of the yoga Ice done isn't that great either..

It's amazing how much I really want to be running now that I know I've got to be careful..I've been doing some run and walk frustrating after I'd got to 28 mins..doc says to avoid the constant impact of longer runs..I've finally had to listen.

The thought of spinal surgery is terrifying..

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I’m assuming you mean Amy Williams, Laura Kenny (nee Trott) is our cycling gold medalist. Amy does still run, I read the article on the BBC site last night... but not as much as she used to.

I’d raise this with the specialist, you may be advised not to for however long, so it may not be permanent.

Wishing you all the best with this and hopefully you’ll be back. Maybe they will define “longer” for you.

You are right..I'm mixing up my Amys and Lauras..

I have a hospital physio appt next week so I'm going to ask them for advice on running.

I feel your pain. I had a discectomy and scraping of the bone to create more space for the nerves 21 years ago. Since then I am mostly ok but thing like painting skirting boards (I.e. being at an odd angle for some time leads to back ache). I now regularly see an osteopath. That said I have graduated from the c25k programme and maintained my 30 min runs since. With no adverse affects on my spine. Good shoes and medium to soft terrain- I don’t road run. Good luck with the back, the thought of surgery is scary, but life after, for me, was so much better.

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