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Forced into another running break

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Worked up this morning with what felt like muscular pain on the top of my foot close to the ankle but didn’t think anything of it. Went to the gym body pump class was fine no pain, that is until I stopped. Five minutes after stopping the pain was starting to build, thought a few stretching exercises would help-they didn’t, by the time I had staggered down to the changing rooms I was in so much pain I wondered whether I was going to manage the 30 minute drive home.

So I’m here on the settee having swallowed some anti inflammatories and rubbed on some gel (that hurt) and I am feeling sorry for myself and really hoping that it’s not an actual tear. Fingers crossed.

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Oh dear, that doesn't sound good😐

You couid also try a placing a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel on it for about 20 mins and elevate it...

Hope it gets better soon. x

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AngryFlowerGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Hey thanks :)

I've had a fractured metatarsal bone and it took me forever to get myself in to see a doctor and I was shocked at the diagnosis as there wasn't a sharp sudden pain at onset like I would have expected from a fracture, and I hadn't dropped anything on my foot. I thought it was some kind of sprain but xray said otherwise. I was fairly young and didn't ask many questions but it happened when I had gone from sedentary to quite active, hiking long distances, so I assume it was a stress fracture.

My point: might want to check in with a doctor if you aren't 110% sure it's a muscle tear.

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AngryFlowerGraduate in reply to Amandana

Think it’s probably some form of tendinitis but I might get it checked out to be sure

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Ouch. Rest, ice, doctor. Hopefully it’s not serious and you’ll be back soon... the runs will wait.

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AngryFlowerGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks, I certainly hope so!

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Ouch...poor you! Try the advice that Bluebirdrunner has given you... see how you go :)

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AngryFlowerGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Can’t beat a few cold peas:)

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