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So I thought I’d have a stab at the Ronhill Run Every Day challenge this year. Just for October you understand... and I’m only planning to run 1k as a minimum. I reckon I can do that.

I actually need to do 5k today at some point, though my husband is on the first day of his holiday today, so it will probably be after dinner at some point.


As pointed out in the comments I am not a novice runner and people who are currently doing C25K or have recently completed it, should not try to run every day as you risk injuring yourselves.

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Good luck on the challenge... if I were to go for that ever I think I’d go for February 😂

Maddee_6333Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore



Good luck Maddee

I would just like to point out that Maddee has been running for a couple of years, at least (I believe) and running on consecutive days is not recommended for new runners.

Maddee_6333Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

This is very true.

On both points.

I’ll be celebrating my second C25K runniversay on Christmas Day this year, but actually started running the year before.


Best of luck with that challenge, I am sure you will manage very well. Look forward to hearing how it goes.


Some of my runs are only1k. And today’s was only 1/2k as I was running with my 3 year old grandsprocket 😆

Good luck and well done for taking up the challenge 🙂

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