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W5 R2 - not too shabby at all


Just this minute finished this the 2 x 8 minute runs and warm down walk followed by some stretches. That wasn’t too bad at all though I am still majestically slow kept going just enjoying the scenery and avoiding looking at the timer. Really pleased and even each of the last 60 second periods didn’t seem to drag today so am awarding myself 9 out of 10 for that run. Just the 20 minuter left this week I think - nothing to it really (I hope)

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Majestically slow is perfect.... take everything in :) Huge well done you!

Yay! Slow is the way to go! 🐌🐌🐌🐌

Great that you enjoyed your run. See, it does get easier doesn’t it? 😀 You will smash R3 no problem - your body will know what to do. Swipe any gremlins out of your way and enjoy the run. And tell us all about it! Good luck. 😀😀

FGB1 in reply to cheekychipmunks

Many thanks for your encouragement will keep on keeping on as am really enjoying it


Brilliant well done! Your not slow, you're faster than all those potatoes that can't get off the couch!! You're ready for that next run!!

Fab speed FGB1. As others have said, slow is the way to go. Have fun on your next run, it’s my favourite so far 👍🏻

I have the 2 8min runs tomorrow but am very fearful of a sudden launch into 20mins. I am still going very slow though and don't know weather to try to go faster or if that should be left to another day.

FGB1 in reply to Bonsaiboy

Stick to slow very definitely and when starting the 20 minute run make sure you set out at a slow pace as that way you will have the reserves to see it through - very best wishes

Thanks for the tip.

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